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Want to save up to 70% power consumption?
– Then choose the right solar pump!

Dimensioning of the solar system to the required thermal output affects what
flow is needed as well as the pressure loss in the system. A typical forced circulation
solar system runs with a flow between 0.1 – 0.5 m3/h with a pressure
loss between 200 to 400 mbar.

This greatly influences which type of circulator is optimal to integrate from a
performance and energy consumption perspective.

Normal standard circulators – which are widely used in solar thermal systems –
are designed for optimal performance at a much higher flow (usually between
2-2.5 m3/h). The result is substantially higher energy consumption than necessary.

To solve this issue, we have developed the world’s first optimised solar pump,
saving you up to 70% power compared to normal solar pumps!

Here you can see how we have reduced the power consumption of Grundfos
solar pumps over the years:

”Grundfos Solar”

Circulators for solar thermal systems
Download (PDF 313 KB)

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