Grundfos Renewables

Innovative technology and nature hand in hand.

Human existence and business prosperity in remote locations depend largely on the availability of clean water to people, livestock and crops. But in many parts of the world reliable power can be in just as short supply as the water. Grundfos SQFlex lends nature a helping hand by providing both water and the power needed to fuel the pump system.

Solar Surface Pumps

Grundfos solar surface pumps provide the perfect sustainable, reliable and costefficient alternative to irregular water supply solutions in remote locations, or for highly specific applications anywhere.

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See how Grundfos Renewables systems are put to use throughout the world

Go for green technology

Instead of working against nature, you can work with it – for the benefit of you, your business and the environment in general. Turn harsh conditions into your advantage by using the sun or the wind to create power for your water supply system. Green technology is the future, it's here to stay!

Work smart, not hard

With SQFlex the time-consuming and often dangerous work of climbing a traditional windmill structure to perform regular maintenance on body, wings, and gearbox will be history. So are the expensive insurance policies covering hazardous work. SQFlex solar panels and wind turbines are virtually maintenance-free and much safer to handle.

Focus on lifecycle costs

You cannot afford not to. The initial upfront investment in a SQFlex solution is in many cases comparable to conventional water supply systems. But this is where the comparison stops. SQFlex's total life cycle costs are much lower than in other systems due to reduced energy and maintenance costs. Other more intangible benefits of doing business with Grundfos include correct system sizing, high pump efficiency and performance, technical advice, service, and reliable logistics.

Count on quick and efficient service

Your SQFlex is never out of operation for long. You can count on quick and efficient service from you local Grundfos dealer/installer and quick delivery of spare parts no matter where in the world you are. We have a close-knit service network with own service organisation in more than 40 countries combined with hundreds of Grundfos Service Partners, installers, and dealers worldwide, so whenever you need us, we'll be there to assist you!