CU 301

cu 301

Intelligent Control Box

CU 301 is specially designed for the Grundfos SQE 3" submersible pump to provide a constant pressure water package solution. The CU 301 is an intelligent control unit which capable of monitoring and displaying the system’s performance continuously whilst also providing a variety of protection features that guarantee a long lifetime of the pump.

Constant Water Pressure

There are numerous benefits of using CU 301 with the SQE pump, but none can outweigh the constant water pressure feature. The CU301/SQE package is the system that can turn the luxury idea of constant pressure to reality. You can always get what you expect when you turn on the tap.

Adjustable Water Pressure

All at the touch of one single button – you can adjust the water pressure from 2 – 5 bars at any time. Not only the water pressure will remain constant at your desired pressure level, the intelligent yet simple communication between SQE and CU 301 means the system will respond swiftly to the newly adjusted pressure level and provide instant comfort to the end users.

Easy to Use

The intelligent CU 301 box promises to do all the jobs for you. The only task for the end users is to switch on the box and choose the desired water pressure level through the super user-friendly operating interface. The system will delivers the comfortable water supply with the effort of pressing just two buttons on the box. The box displays pump information status in an easy-to-understand graphical way so it is easy to operate and monitor.

Constant Pressure System

With the user-friendly operating interface, the CU301 box is very suitable for daily domestic and small irrigation use. By choosing the water pressure on the box surface, end users can change the water pressure as frequent as needed.

Operation Monitoring

The CU301 receives signals from the pressure sensor constantly. Should the pressure dropped below the desired pressure level, the CU301 will operate the SQE pump automatically until the water pressure level restored to the desired level and the signal light on the display will indicate that the pump is running at the moment. Here is the five operating functions on the display cover:

  • On/off button
  • Button lock indication
  • System Pressure setting and indication
  • Indication of operation
  • Service alarm indication

Operating Relay

The operating relay can be used to operate an external equipment or add an additional sensor signal.

Service Alarm Indication

The pump will detect and give the below alarm signals:

  • Dry running of the pump
  • Service alarm will be permanently on if one of the following situations arises:
    1. Defective sensor
    2. Overload
    3. Over-temperature
    4. Speed Reduction
    5. Voltage alarm
    6. No contact to pump


The CU301 is available in different versions:

  • pressure indicated in bar
  • pressure indicated in psi (with or without Pressure Sensor)
  • pressure indicated in kPa
  • pressure indicated in MPa and bar

All CU301 covers the voltage range of 1 x 100-240V – 10%/+6%, 50/60Hz, PE.

cu 301

R100 Communication

The CU 301 communicates with the Grundfos R100 remote control via infrared signal. The R100 remote control offers the advantage of additional setting options, and displaying additional information.


We want to complete your solution with a wide range of accessories. Please find some of these below.

To generate the constant pressure system, you will need the following accessories:

  • Pressure Sensor, 0-6 bar or 0-120 psi
  • Diaphragm tank, 8 litres or 18 litres
  • Pressure gauge, 0-10 bar

For easy access and control of the system, we recommend the accessories below:

  • R100 Remote control
  • Printer