About CAD Drawings

The Autocad (.dwg) files on this CD were created using Autocad LT® 2000 software (autodesk®). If you have an earlier version of Autocad and cannot open these files, please contact your Grundfos representative and a file type of a previous Autocad version can be created. If you do not have Autocad software loaded on your PC but wish to view these files, there are two file viewers available on this product CD (See CAD Viewers on the taskbar above).

CAD drawings for BoosterpaQ ME and MF systems have been created for two, three and four pump systems. If a CAD drawing for a different type of system is required (MES, MS etc.), these can be provided on request.

There are also Autocad drawings for CRE-Plus systems.

Important Note:
These drawings are intended for general layout purposes only. If a certified drawing is required for construction purposes, please contact your local Grundfos representative and a certified drawing can be provided.